Introducing Beau Lake

Something new (and beautiful) is popping up this summer…introducing luxe paddle board company Beau Lake Co. Coming to the Hamptons July 2018!


“The Beau Lake Runabout turns an ugly fiberglass duckling into an elegant swan”.
“With its high-performance paddle boards, pedal boats and dock chairs, the brand is making waterside recreation a thing of beauty.”
Azure Magazine
“……Or at least they were ugly and utilitarian, until Lee Kline and Paul Lavoie introduced the Beau Lake Runabout, “a game changer delivering refined luxury to a historically-bland pedal boat market.”
Tree Hugger
“The Beau Lake brand believes that human-powered products, high-performance design with quality materials, and environmental stewardship and responsibility are timeless ideas that are as important today as ever.”
Pie Media Group
“Say ‘pedal boat’, hear sun-screen slicked plastic, gaudy colourways and soggy costumes. Beau Lake hears ‘opportunity’. The Canadian waterside design company and paddleboard expert has created Runabout, a luxurious, human-powered paddle boat you never knew you wanted, but will be toppling sunbeds to have a go on.”