Introducing Pop-UpLIVE, Powering Digital/IRL Hybrid Multi-Brand and Individual Pop-Ups

PopUpSummer! is best known for showcasing emerging designers and brands in collective and single-brand pop-ups throughout the country and has now taken up the challenge to provide a virtual pop-up business model in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pop-UpLIVE merges live product and service presentations in a curated setting with digital, interactive shopper participation.


 “Our new hybrid pop-up solution relies heavily on digital tools and technology to present client’s collections, brands, and services to customers and fans from a themed, live (when possible) environment, utilizing a range of livestream platforms as well as digital media and marketing to drive awareness and facilitate transactions,’ explained founder Susan Sandler.


Founders and designers need and want to tell their stories, foster and grow their communities, showcase products and conduct transactions in exciting environments without making long-term commitments to leases. Market research consistently shows that customers prefer pop-up and social retail experiences over traditional stores and e-commerce sites. People engage more with brands when given the opportunity to meet the makers and ask questions. They also appreciate the option to shop from the comfort and safety of their own homes or phones. The Pop-UpLIVE solution applies the best digital applications available to achieve brand sales and marketing goals. It is also flexible according to client’s budget, seasonality, production values, skews, location, shareability and more.


The first activation of Pop-UpLIVE took place in a highly curated event called HamptonsLIVE, hosted by influencer DJ Nicole Rose featuring 15 designers and brands.


We understand that as a brand founder, you’re looking for innovative ways to connect with your customers and build your community. Leverage the power of digital streaming combined with the pop-up sales and marketing expertise of PopUp Summer! only with Pop-UpLIVE.
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