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Strategic Planning

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Assignment: New Revenue Stream

Develop a strategic plan for a new business venture in the form of an annual holiday shopping experience, inspired by the Nutcracker ballet.


New York City Ballet’s Nutcracker production is one of the most beloved holiday traditions in New York City. For over 60 years, it has thrilled generations of families while setting the creative and artistic standard for Nutcracker productions around the world.

PopUp! Summer was asked to explore a companion shopping experience outside of the Lincoln Center Theatre, in which family members can experience the magic and characters of the Nutcracker, engage in holiday activities and purchase gifts.


  • devised operations plan including a curation of participating designers and brands, location scouting and recommendations
  • introductions to strategic partners
  • financial modeling
  • identification/delivery of new custom holiday themed products for current retail kiosks in David Koch Theatre

Work culminated in the delivery of strategic plan and board presentation. Program implementation pending.


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Strategic Planning